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International Transport Security Organisation.


Our mission

To provide expert technical and operational support to Transport Operators, Government Agencies, Departments of the interior and systems designers globally on best practice and current operational requirements and standards for use in the operation and deployment of surveillance or CCTV systems in transportation applications globally.

RAIL Transportation

Extensive experience of developing surveillance and CCTV solutions for both passenger rail and freight rail operations including development of security standards and operational requirements. Recent project management of Light Rail solutions in the US as well as systems design support to Metro operations in Europe and freight operations in the Middle East

BUS Transportation

Provision of subject matter expert support to major bus operators seeking to upgrade existing on-board CCTV as well as to wayside stops and stations.Extensive development of standards for bus procurements to meet latest homeland security requirements as well as updates to operational control centres and integration with traffic management centres.


Development of large scale perimeter intrusion detection capabilities designs for installations in ports areas as well as development of standards for use in passenger terminals. Working with new requirements for control centre software systems and testing of advanced video analytics capabilities.


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